Care for a Cuppa?

I've been investing a lot of time this spring in creating a library of scanned digital components that I can use to build more of my artwork in photoshop. This way I can continue to make changes easily, but still retain a lot of "handmade" goodness in my work. Earlier this week I made a series of collages out of strips and squares of papers I had painted earlier. After I scanned the collages, I incorporated them into this Tea Time card design idea I've been working on. 

Here are details from the paper collages. Now I just have to figure out a good way to organize my digital goodies so I can find them again! 

These are the initial designs I was playing with for the card artwork, dropping a bunch of my patterns onto the cups with clipping masks. This is the amazing thing about clipping masks in Photoshop is how quickly and easily you can totally transform the art. So cool!